Laura Leppert and Florian Purschke sculpting students from Kiel, Germany:
„Auf der Walze“

The viewer enters the exhibition. The ceilings hang low. Nine sanding belts are standing on a hip level plinth,
adjoining each other,leaving no gaps between them.

Pushed a bit farther from the windows behind, the viewer is given a little space to move around the object.
Across the windowed wall, slightly off-center, parallel to the wall, hangs a long pole made of rolled-up packaging paper.
It is kept in place by wooden curtain rings and is bending heavily under its own weight.

Between those two objects, close to the far right corner of the room, there is an ensemble made of a plant,
a piece of furniture and an unframed picture. The chair has lost its footing and is kept suspended by a small support;
draped across it, is an indoor plant that is relying on the chair to support and bear it.
Back overhead on the front wall, four pieces of DIN A 4 sanding paper, hung closely together to resemble a DIN A 2 sheet.

Laura Leppert and Florian Purschke have set up and plotted the exhibition for two weeks. In the run-up to the exhibition,
small areas of the advertising poster kept changing again and again. The motif resembling a picture postcard
and the poster’s title „Auf der Walze“ (approx. „Waltzing“) allude to the artists‘ short stay in the city of Linz.

Open hours were from:
11.12.2014 – 17.12.2014
17:00 – 21:00

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