HolzHaus was founded on March 1st 2013 in Holzstraße 18 Linz/Austria. It evolved from the collective „Akt nach Acht“ from Kunstuniversity Linz. Akt nach Acht is free life painting and originally took place every second tuesday. When Akt nach Acht grew bigger and the wish to expand and get more independent from Kunstuniversität got more and more important, the organisators of „Akt nach Acht“ started to look for additional space.

When Holzstraße 18 was found and everything was set up, it was decided to put up the HolzHaus art and culture club.

HolzHaus actually consists of 7 atelier rooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and the big project room.

The Atelier rooms are occupied by artists from various fields. HolzHaus atelier members do Mediadesign, Photography, Sculptures, Fine Art, Sound, Illustration, Costume, Set-Design, Graffity and Mechanical Engineering.