Sound Performance at HolzHaus starring Piotr Cisak and Pawel Oleksiński (PL) and „Mit Händen und Füssen“ (AT)

Piotr Cisak and Paweł Oleksiński from Gdansk, Poland, blend acoustic instruments, vocals and electronics into haunting soundscapes. Menacing like a dark unknown forest at first, they drift slowly between fragile harmonies and harsh feedback noise until they reach an archaic place of natural equality.

„Mit Händen und Füßen“ from Linz, Austria, fill the room with planned improvisation and try to represent its atmosphere. Distorted guitars and pounding basslines, lovely voices and hypnotizing monotony, hurting feedbacks or eventually spontanous silence…. everything is possible. The Harsh-Noise-Pop group from Linz did its best at HolzHaus!

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