Sound Performance at HolzHaus starring „Mit Händen und Füßen“ + „Peppamind“ Special Guest (AT) and „der Warst“ (GER)!

„Mit Händen und Füßen“ from Linz, Austria, fill the room with planned improvisation and try to represent its atmosphere. Distorted guitars and pounding basslines, lovely voices and hypnotizing monotony, hurting feedbacks or eventually spontanous silence…. everything is possible.

This time „Peppamind“, also from Linz, joined them as a special guest and the output was even more stunning!

„Der Warst“ from Berlin, Germany, builds his own electronic music instruments, visualizers and abstractions of them, since many years. Hacked keyboards, modified SuperNintendo and curcuit bent effect devices join together to an incredible audio-visual performance! der Warst is ready to go so prepare your mind to be blown away!

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