– Verein zur Förderung kooperativer und kollaborativer Kunst- und Kulturarbeit und Forschung in den Feldern von Kunst, Kultur und Kulturarbeit bzw. Gesellschaft

Adress: Holzstr. 18, 4020 Linz
ZVR-Zahl: 583830677

Dipl. Des. Silke Müller


Silke Müller is an Linz/AT based illustrator. 
She draws people, plants and animals for posters, newspapers, magazines and exhibitions. 
The aesthetic of her illustrations is characterized through chinese ink, a rough brush and also by the dusty, fine lines of her favourite black carbon-paper.

several exhibitions in Linz, Hamburg, Freiburg and Klapeida

Literature award of the BMUKK for the graphic novel „Hafen“


Dipl. Des. Leonie Reese

stellv. Obfrau

born 1977 in Wiesbaden, Germany

costume design, scenography and stage setting in several theaterpieces
in Austria and Germany

freelance costume and stage designer in Linz, Austria


Patrick Rover


Is painting.

Patrick works full-time in the field of material development, which compliments his interest for visual design well because he can constantly find new ideas and concepts for different methods to implement in his art.


Mag. Julia Hinterberger


lebt und arbeitet als bildende Künstlerin in Linz

Ausstellung Faistauer-Preis für Malerei 2017, Traklhaus, Salzburg
Postkonzept, Post AG Zentrale Wien, Konzept und Hängung Galerie bäckerstraße4

Aquarellhappening Tux, Mehlerhaus, Madseit/Tirol
Japan in Europe, Kulturzentrum Schmelze, Wien


Katharina Lackner

stellv. Schriftführerin

Katharina Lackner’s work is focused on shifts and changes in perception. Her ideas are realised in video projects, drawings, installations and temporary performative interventions. A recurring theme is the exploration of movement in space with reference to herself.
Sometimes she also appears in these works and allows us to visually share her existentially simple bodily experiences. She explores limits and brings situations to radical rearrangements. In this, she combines real with made up or manipulated material using simple – digital or analogue – means.
(Genoveva Rückert / Katharina Lackner)

2014 Award | Klemens Brosch Preis
2013 Award | for visual arts of federal state Upperaustria – Talentförderungsprämie


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